Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Here I Go Again On My Own!!!

Week 3 . . . or is it 4!
Here I am at the art office workin the front desk.I spend Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday mornings behind the desk near the phone in the art office. I know that the opportunity to have an assistantship is a blessing, and I should be thankful, and I am, but sometimes it's hard to be here. and sometimes when I am here it's hard to keep my thoughts wondering off into lah lah land. I find it harder and harder to stay focused these days. I stopped in at the opening last night at the Bates Gallery, Mel and Hiromi have a show up of their drawings. I was telling Mel how I am envious of her being so organized. If it's a facade like she claimed or not it doesn't matter, I still wish I had organization skills.I'm open to suggestions!
   I have been working in the studio, I just don't have images taken yet of my work in progress. I glazed up and loading a ^10 reduction firing today. It will be nice to get that work out of the way, to clear out the studio a bit.
That's all for now, I'll try to keep this page updated for all  you sucka  readers out there!  I know who am I joking!!

 My Brother. . .The Doctor!!!   What's that thing on his face  .. ..a disguise? LOL!!