Monday, January 24, 2011

Inspiring conversation. .

Sometimes I think forcing it is what makes it dreaded. That's why people often repel the chance for official discussion or statements of true feeling. you know .  . " read this article we are going to talk about it in class . . ." or my favorite. " blog twice a week"  performance anxiety is real, some times things come across as staged  . ." Gotta get my blog in for the week. . " gotta get my participation points for this discussion . ." that sort of think can lead to insincere participation, and less than, if not mediocre results thus causing a downward spiral of moral and interest. I enjoy an intelligent conversation discussing art and all that is wrapped up in it, but I hate when a conversation or discussion is cut short because people, or someone is disinterested. I'll admit in group situations it can be hard to carry on a conversation when one persons body language reeks of boredom.  . or "I'm to cool for this business kind of attitude." or if some one keeps trying to end the debate in one sentence, changing the subject to something less trivial at the end " everyone is entitled to their own opinions, anyone want coffee? " or my other personal favorite . .the unofficial/ OFFICIAL keeper of time. Deciding we have spent enough time on one subject, of piece of work, so its time to move on. . at crit  . . " Well that is all true .  . . now this piece (turning every ones attention to another form) is a good example of blah blah blah!!"
I hope some how I can find something important to say twice a week . . so yall don't hafta read no filler!!
 love Heath
Hope you all take it personal!

Friday, January 21, 2011

I think that video confirms the importance of atmosphere in growth and progression . the idea for instance of the bears was mine, that stemmed from the amazing prints of Jay Ryan my ideas were jumping as follows. i love his style . . . its so playful and honest . . . i think some of those prints i would like to own, if so i would like them to influence my children( ) why cant i influence my children in the arts. . .i wish some one took me to a museum when i was little and got me started looking at art earlier . . . how could i help my children embrace art now. . if i make art they can relate to then they might find some they enjoy . . .i'll make some prints to help them   . . .i love prints . . the big hungry bear . .if i take stories my children know,   . and  . .creat artistic renderings of characters in their stories . .theymight be interested . . Then Michelle chimed in " your work has no life to it . . your flame is dead" heath"  . . yea  . .your right . . i hate you! " Michelle " i don't care ( smiley face) " and now the big hungry bear series . . .
more to come soon.

P.s. thanks for all the help Michelle, and I'm the best potter in the world!!!
just a video

and i hope you are preparing yourselves for the BIG HUNGRY BEAR!