Monday, October 10, 2011

MEAN, while the children take a test!!

I sit here before a semi empty classroom. . . remembering what it was like to be nervous before a test. . and now I'm the dirtbag making everyone else nervous. .   Art Appreciation !! Gotta love it baby! If nothing else it makes me miss grad school. Not all the crap, just the atmosphere of intelligent/and semi-intelligent minds that I could embrace with conversation. The students at Dixie College aren't bad, the problem is that Dixie doesn't have an Art degree, and won't until fall 2012. I know that's not to far away, but all the students I'm with now have an interest in some other field.
Also, the Giants didn't even make the playoffs this year, major downer!! And for all you suckas in P.A. who reading this . .what is the deal with the Pirates!! the year started out unbelievable. .. then they confirmed that we never should have believed in the first place . . . .if the pirates played any other way then they wouldn't be our Pirates!
I decided, some of you I have already told this to, that I could eat a Cilantro taco . .. yea, I like Cilantro that much, a tortilla stuffed with Cilantro and I would eat it!


  1. "I have a question..... I like tests"

  2. We miss you so much Heath! The new grads are awesome, but I can't help but think how much all of you would appreciate each other and the wonderful conversations you would have!

    Tests?... they suck and I suck at taking them. It's a suck-fest.